Food truck review: Mac and Gold

I came with high hopes and an appetite. Luckily, Mac & Gold fulfilled both. The cavatappi noodles are fun and filling, and the cheese sauce is creamy, just the right consistency to stick to the noodles. The lobster mac is typical -- down-to-earth comfort food with gourmet ingredients. Its taste generally complemented the macaroni despite a couple fishy moments.

This truck also offers rosemary-garlic fries. Condiments include ketchup, Red Hot, Sriracha and vinegar. Although I usually like to dump as much hot sauce on my food as possible, I’m glad I resisted the temptation this time. The fries are just on the right side of “too salty” and the garlic and rosemary add a nice savory flavor. The fries are golden-brown and crispy enough to stand up to the mac.

Prices range from $5 for plain to $11.50 for lobster mac. Waits can be long but the service is efficient.


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