Food truck review: Chatty Cupcakes

The server inside the Chatty Cupcakes food truck was friendly, efficient and knew the entire menu by heart.

I was wary of the spumoni cupcake but was pleasantly surprised. It had a perfect swirl of pink frosting and a frosting-covered cherry on top. The tangy and sweet cupcake was moist and complemented the creamy frosting perfectly. Even the pistachios inside worked.

The blueberry lemon cupcake was equally delightful, with cream cheese frosting and lemon cake that was more lemon than blueberry (there were a few at the bottom). Its texture was almost muffinlike and the presentation was perfect, with a flawless off-white swirl on top.

Some gourmet snacks are tragically overpriced. At $3 per cupcake, these were worth every penny.


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