Food truck review: Popsburgh

I found Popsburgh, a bicycle cart, parked on the Riverfront Trail on the North Shore. The company uses all natural ingredients and offers strawberry, pineapple and other one-flavor pops for $3 apiece. The real treat, though, is the premium pops, which go for a dollar more and feature fruit and spice combos like mango basil diablo, peach ginger and roasted banana with dulce de leche. Popsburgh also offers Pops for Pups in two sizes with a dog treat.

An avid cucumber fan, I tried the kiwi-honeydew-cucumber premium pop. It tasted just like a frozen version of the fruit should — refreshing and sweet. Walking along the trail, I hurried to eat my pop before the sun got to it. I expected to feel thirsty afterward, like I’d had a sugary juice. Yet an hour later, I was still hydrated and happy.


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