Food Feedback: Our readers liked being puzzled

I loved the food puzzle [by Marlene Parrish, Food & Flavor, Aug. 15]. I do hope you this again and soon. I always do the crossword puzzles in the Post-Gazette, but this was just good fun.


Just have to tell you how much fun your crossword puzzle was this morning! Can't wait for the next one.


Only got about two-thirds done before we had to cheat. Did not know of R.W. Apple Jr., but do now. Especially liked the "global warming" clue -- very clever. Can't wait to see the one that you are working on.

MIKE AND MARY RAGO / Rosslyn Farms

The real puzzle was, Why hasn't this been done before?

What a coup. A great idea, well done, and should be done again. And again.

Seasonal. Quarterly. Holidays. Recipes. Whatever. The range of ideas rattling around in Marlene's crossword mind have hopefully created a category that will keep your fans begging for more.

It's a gem of an idea. Looking forward to what crossword puzzle happens next.

Whichever one does, it will remain on the kitchen table for days. And what more could a newspaper ask?

An editor finds a _ _ _ _ _ _.

(Six across: What a foodie has in common with the Steelers opener.)

RAY WERNER / Point Breeze

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