It's barbecue! It's in a cone! It's Bar-B-Cone!

Earlier this year Pizza Cono opened in Squirrel Hill to great fanfare, bringing to Pittsburgh an idea that’s seldom seen in the United States: the pizza cone.

Now a pair of South Side brothers and restaurateurs believe they’ve invented a conical concept that’s rarer still -- barbecue in a cone.

Specifically, that’s the Bar-B-Cone, dreamed up by Pat and Mike Joyce of the 17th Street Cafe as part of their new food truck venture, the South Side Barbecue Co., which began rolling around town in March.

It is like a summertime feast in one convenient geometric package: a large waffle cone, with macaroni and cheese at the bottom, pulled pork (or chicken) atop that, and coleslaw on top of that, with a choice of house barbecue sauces. A cheeky schematic diagram on the menu displays the architecture of the culinary innovation.

“The juices and the sauce run down to the bottom and mix with the mac-and-cheese,” to delicious affect, Pat Joycesaid.

A creation that decadent deserves its own battle cry, and upon ordering both brothers bellow “Bar-B-Cone!” in succession, like sailors on a ship repeating a command.

Pat Joyce said they’re in the process of securing a legal trademark on the concept.

So how do you eat it?

“Carefully,” Mike Joyce deadpanned, adding, “And with a fork.”

Dan Gigler: and on Twitter @gigs412.


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