Food Feedback: Readers remember Weinstein's, too

Memoir conjures up

I so much enjoyed your article, Sherry Weissman Schweitzer, about your family and their restaurants ["Remembering Weinstein's," Food & Flavor, April 10]. I well remember the corned beef, Russian dressing and coleslaw on rye, which was long a favorite of mine. I would bet that it was a No.7. What I would give for one!

The amazing thing about Weinstein's in Squirrel Hill was not just that it was a "special occasion" place for some and a "daily routine" for others, but also that at any given time, especially on weekends, there were people dressed in coat-and-tie, even black tie (we often had after-parties at Weinstein's following formal events). Others came directly from playing football, and always, the customers had an age range from teenagers to senior citizens. And table-hopping was as customary as double-parking on Forbes Avenue -- it was widely done and considered quite acceptable.

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Many thanks for your wonderful article. Though I don't remember the Oakland Weinstein's restaurant particularly, your mention of your uncle Ben Weinstein's Squirrel Hill restaurant brought back many fond childhood memories.

My family and I had dinner there at least once a month as I was growing up. My father was a surgeon at Mercy Hospital for many years and Ben Weinstein was a long-time patient of his and a very good friend. These dinners were always lavish by my boyhood standards and the desserts were terrific. Mr. Weinstein would always stop by our table to chat and make menu suggestions.

I remember once he suggested the stuffed flounder. When we looked at the menu, it was listed as "Stuffed Flounder a la Altman"! Apparently Dad had ordered it several times previously and so Ben named it for him! Needless to say, we enjoyed it on many follow-up visits!

Repeated thanks for bringing up these wonderful memories. I can almost taste that delicious flounder and crabmeat!

Have a wonderful Passover.



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