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Our readers point out a winery and look for delis

Thank you for your article on bubbly ["Always romantic: A bubble bath" in Tastings by Elizabeth Downer, Food & Flavor, Feb. 6]. It was nice to see someone explain the process and why some are called Champagne and some are not.

It is too bad that there weren't any traditional-method sparkling wines from the U.S. in your list, however.

My husband's family owns Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery in Westport, Mass. They have won many awards for their traditional-method sparklers, made with grapes grown on the banks of the Westport River. Of course, with our strange laws in Pennsylvania, most people wouldn't have access to their wine anyway. But I thought you'd be interested in a winery that makes "real" sparkling wine:

Rev. TRACEY RUSSELL/Bloomfield

Whither these delicacies?

Ever since we were teenagers, my husband, Albert, and I have traveled the city looking for authentic corned beef and pastrami. Originally, we'd go to Bubbles & Sherman's in the lower Hill District, and when that closed we'd go to Rhoda's in Squirrel Hill (later Kazansky's). On occasion we'd go to Sammy's, but we usually avoided it because of the parking situation and operating hours. Now we're at a loss! Where in heaven's name do we find these meats, potato pancakes, chopped liver and other Jewish delicacies? I'd sure appreciate suggestions.


Editor's note: We pointed the couple toward Szmidt's Old World Deli in Greenfield ( Anybody else?

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