Local Bake-Off winner

Sheila Suhan of Scottdale came this close to being a millionaire.

Her Easy Caprese Pizza Bake took second place at the nation's most lucrative cooking contest, the Pillsbury Bake-Off, held Monday night in Las Vegas.

The grand-prize winner and new millionaire is Nevada's Glori Spriggs, who prepared Loaded Potato Pinwheels.

Ms. Suhan, however, was well rewarded for her second-place finish with a $10,000 prize plus $3,000 in GE kitchen appliances.

Pennsylvania was disproportionately well represented with 10 of the Bake-Off's 100 finalists. One of them was Donna Fogel of Whitehall, Lehigh County, who made Creamy Coconut Mocha Hazelnut Pastries.

You can watch Ms. Spriggs prepare her million-dollar recipe on today's "Queen Latifah Show." And check next week's Food & Flavor for recipes and reflections from contestants with local ties.

Recipe submissions for the next Bake-Off will begin in January (pillsbury.com/our-makers/bake-off-contest).


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