Little Bites: 'Personal beer dinners' at Sharp Edge; Fukuda chef to leave town

Personal beer dinners

Area Sharp Edge locations are letting customers do, at times of their own choosing, one of their "personal beer dinners." Through Sept. 21, they're offering one marking the 35th birthday of Boulder Beer. For $25, you get:

* Aperitif: Over the Edge Belgian triple IPA house beer, brewed by Van Steenburge.

* First course: Boulder Sweaty Betty Blonde served with Field Green Salad with a Sweaty Betty Vinaigrette.

* Second course: Boulder 35-anniversary Imperial Black IPA with Salmon poached in the same brew.

* Third course: Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter served with Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream.

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Chef shuffles at Fukuda

This Saturday night marks the last night for executive chef T.J. Barney at Fukuda in Bloomfield.

He will be returning to San Diego to be closer to his family. His extensive training in Japan and on the West Coast translated to not only a very good sushi restaurant for Pittsburgh, but also a terrific, if eclectic, dining experience. Go before he packs up his knives if you haven't been.


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