At Google, each floor is its own fantasyland

 A visit to Pittsburgh Google in Larimer is a 45,000-square-foot fantasy Pittsburgh minus potholes and rainy days.

Designed by local architecture firm Strada, each floor of the Google office at Bakery Square carries out a different theme.

The roof hosts an expanse of lounge chairs and umbrella tables framed by raised beds filled with greens and herbs. A limited-access entrance leads to an apiary that supplies pounds of honey to the restaurant a month.

It’‍s also where you‘‍ll find a chicken coop where four ladies reside named Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Bing. They produce an egg a day, which are often on display around the building, hard-boiled and ready-to-eat.

Next to the Nabisco mixer on seven sits one of seven micro-kitchens. This one has a do-it-yourself espresso machine and a freezer stocked with ice cream sandwiches. Fruits sit in bins and chocolates hide in drawers for intrepid snackers.

The sixth level is a floor of bridges with a catwalk, girders and a life-sized photo of the Smithfield Bridge. A library as well as an auditorium named The Peanut Gallery tuck between floors.

A favorite is Kennywood on five, where a roller-coaster car offers seats with a wall view of an impending drop on the Thunderbolt. A sign above reads, “Do not stand up,” while another reads, “FUN.”

The floor’‍s micro-kitchen is a center island decorated as a checkered french-fry holder, with an array of potato chips the featured snack. Serving fries would be too unhealthy, although Heinz products decorate the shelves.

On the fourth floor, you’‍ll find TreeHouse Cafe, decorated by the rescued “Happy B-Day Julia!” mural to the right of the entrance and a “palate-cleansing station” (actually, just water) to the left. Pittsburgh Seltzer Works water and shrubs are on display, make-your-own refreshers before an order of one of six espresso selections from Commonplace or Coffee Tree Roasters.

The third floor is a verdant tour of Pittsburgh’s parks and landmarks. It’‍s here where you’ll find the cafe, a walk that starts with an image of a safe on a door that opens into a landscape of the city’‍s parks.


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