My Generation

 This alert young buck was spotted at Snyder’s Point in Riverview Park.

Let's talk about parks: Deer in winter

One example of an animal well-suited to the cold is the prolific white-tailed deer.

1 day ago

Stargazing: Bright celestial bookends

Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in the sky, can be seen simultaneously on opposite sides of the sky after sunset this week.

2 days ago

Let's learn from the past: Mister Rogers

The original set from “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” is on display for the first time ever at Heinz History Center.

6 days ago

Let's talk about science: Wonderful winter fabrics

While you’re spending time layering up your preschooler for the cold, talk with him or her about the textured fabrics you use every day.

6 days ago

Book review: Two new mysteries make the most of their time periods

“The Case of the Missing Moonstone” and  “Absolutely Truly” take armchair sleuths from 19th-century England to 21st-century New Hampshire.

1 week ago

 A hadada ibis.

Let’s talk about birds: Ibises

Ibises can be found throughout the world, with 28 species on every continent except Antarctica (they are strictly warm-weather birds).

1 week ago

 Students learning computer skills at PIttsburgh Center for the Arts.

Let's talk about art: Minecraft Club

Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Minecraft Club uses the video game ‘Minecraft’ to teach the fun and foundations of computer programming.

1 week ago

Crescent moon passes three planets

After Tuesday’s new moon, our closest neighbor in space will begin to move east, away from the sun.

1 week ago

Let's learn from the past: 'Night of the Living Dead'

The cult classic “Night of the Living Dead,” filmed in and around Western Pennsylvania, was one of the highest grossing films in 1968.

1 week ago

 Winter berries like American Holly and black jet bead can be found in Pittsburgh's city parks.

Let's talk about parks: Winter berries

During the winter in the city parks, the woods may look plain, but seasonal sparseness also creates great backgrounds for colorful berries.

2 weeks ago

Stargazing: Close encounter in the morning sky

Friday morning, an eye-catching display awaits early risers when a thin crescent moon lies within 2 degrees of Saturn.

2 weeks ago

Let's Learn From the Past: Chuck Cooper

In 1950, Pittsburgh’s Chuck Cooper shattered a racial barrier when he became the first African-American drafted by an NBA team.

2 weeks ago

Let's Talk About Science: Stinky comets

It’s a good thing comets are so pleasing to the eye because if we knew them only through our nostrils, we’d be disgusted.

2 weeks ago

 African penguin chicks that were hatched at the National Aviary (not recently).

Let's talk about birds: African penguin chicks, part 2

The National Aviary’s African penguin chicks are 3 weeks old and are now capable of regulating body temperature.

3 weeks ago

Stargazing: Mercury joins Venus

One of the great challenges for stargazers is locating the planet Mercury in the morning or evening sky.

3 weeks ago

My Generation Essay: Classy, not trashy: America views piercings

Whether they symbolize maturity for ancient tribes, rebellion against society or just fashion, extra piercings date back to ancient times.

2 weeks ago

My Generation Essay: Highlight reels vs. background troubles

With the increasing prevalence of social media comes problems that the younger generation has to deal with differently.

2 weeks ago

 As it sheds, London plane tree bark can show unexpected designs like this heart spotted on a tree at the Library Bosque in Schenley Plaza.

Let's Talk About Parks: How to tell a tree from its bark

Winter is a great time to get a look at the variations of pattern, color and texture that form the trunks and branches of local urban trees.

4 weeks ago

Stargazing: Venus returns to evening sky

After dropping out of the morning sky and passing behind the sun, Venus has emerged out of the sun’s glare and can be seen after sunset.

1 month ago


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