Beer: Filming brewers (who happen to be women)

Megan Seastedt is a brewer who happens to be a woman, and she's presenting a movie about other brewers who happen to be women, but the event is not about women -- "not about feminism or equality" -- it's about "The Love of Beer."

That's the title of the documentary she'll be showing at Rivertowne Pourhouse in Monroeville at 4 p.m. June 23. Admission is $15 and is open to people of all genders. Ms. Seastedt, who brews for Rivertowne Brewing Co. in Murrysville, says, "Man or woman, brewer or beer lover; anyone who has any level of appreciation for craft beer will love this film, and hopefully take something away from it."

Admission includes tickets for two pints of beer, snacks (including hop cupcakes), and a three-flight beer tasting after the film, when there will be a panel discussion.

The hour-and-10-minute film, released in 2011, tells the story of several women working in the Pacific Northwest beer world, where, like the beer world in general, they're still a tiny minority. But the characters in the film are changing that.

One is Tonya Cornett, the head brewer of Oregon's Bend Brewing Co., who, in 2008, became the first woman to win Small Brewer and Brewpub of the Year at the World Beer Cup. (In 2012, she moved to nearby 10 Barrel Brewing Co. where she is research & development brewmaster.)

The director, Alison Grayson, earned her bachelor's degree in film and video through Drexel University before moving to Portland, Ore. For more on her and the film, available on DVD, visit

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