Issue One: Bus traffic Downtown

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Walkers are worse

Regarding "Proposal Will Make Downtown Core Totally Bus-Free" (Oct. 4): It is abundantly clear that presumptive Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and the executives at the Port Authority do not take public transportation.

I take a bus roundtrip Monday through Friday, and on top of paying for buses that are never on schedule, I can look forward to the "opportunity" of having to walk farther to get to my office? Gee, thanks.

I take the bus to avoid the cost of parking, to avoid adding to the traffic on I-279 and because my bus stops two blocks from my office. But enough about me. What about people with disabilities and the elderly who use walkers, canes, etc.? This idiot idea will require them to walk farther -- in pain, in the rain, in the snow, etc. Did these "brilliant" men think about them? I think not.

The article mentioned pedestrian congestion. Really? The only pedestrian congestion in this city is the hundreds of people who jaywalk every day. They do not cross at intersections -- they choose to step in front of buses and cars and then get peeved when the drivers honk or flip them off.

If the big boys want to reduce congestion, start arresting the jaywalkers who create backups and gridlock -- they are the problem, not bus traffic. What a joke. Could you imagine if Chicago or New York City tried this? Only in Pittsburgh.

If the Port Authority doesn't want to drop me off near my destination, I'm more than happy to find another way to get to work. I'm lucky that I have that option. Many do not.

Ben Avon

Check other cities

I find the prediction of calamity if the Port Authority moves the buses to the edge of Downtown, instead of jamming up the streets as the routes currently do, questionable. One of the main complaints seems to be that people would have too far to walk. In the Golden Triangle? Seriously? Go to other cities that properly manage public transit and have established pedestrian shopping areas free of buses and/or cars. Having door-to-door service is out of date and inefficient.

I would love to see a study comparing the distances walked Downtown to shop or to get to work versus parking in a huge lot at Ross Park or Monroeville malls, then walking for hours from store to store, then back to your car.

Considering that everything in the Triangle is at best five blocks from the edges, the "it's too far" argument carries little weight in my opinion.



First Published October 12, 2013 8:00 PM


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