Obamacare has been forced on Americans

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Responding to George V. Williams' Oct. 9 letter ("Their Poor Example") in which he states Obamacare is now the "law of the land." Yes, it was upheld by the Supreme Court under very suspect reasoning. The very notion that Congress cannot force people to partake in commerce yet it's constitutional to tax them for not partaking in it is a huge contradiction. The Supreme Court's reputation, failing as the last line of defense in protecting individual rights, will always be tarnished as a result of its decision.

If it's the law of the land, why hasn't it bothered Mr. Williams and so many others that the president has changed the law unilaterally five times? Getting much different responses now than when George W. Bush had the audacity to do something unilaterally, aren't we? Speaking of the law of the land, I seem to recall slavery being just that in the 1800s. Slavery, thankfully, was overturned and is the perfect example that laws are and have been repealed throughout our nation's history.

Many have given the House sole blame for shutting down the government but make no mention of the three bills it has introduced to restore government funding -- all because they require compromise, a word the president has thrown around a lot but the Democrats seem to have very little interest in when it comes time to act. I don't agree completely with how Republicans have handled themselves, but it would be very obtuse thinking to hand them all the blame in the shutdown crisis.



First Published October 11, 2013 8:00 PM


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