Compromise is key

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With the government shutdown, it is becoming increasingly important for our elected leaders to immediately recognize the importance of compromise in addressing the nation's pressing fiscal problems. Lawmakers must work together to resolve this current crisis and come up with a real plan that restores order to the nation's fiscal house.

As was noted in the Post-Gazette, this partisan fight over matters unrelated to the central funding of the government resulted in this avoidable shutdown that caused the furlough of more than 800,000 government workers, the closing of national parks and monuments, and a suspension of government-supported research projects. This is lunacy.

Additionally, with the mid-October deadline for the debt ceiling quickly approaching, there is increased pressure for lawmakers to reach an agreement on a larger budget framework that stabilizes and reduces the debt as a share of the economy. Otherwise, we will be faced with a growing debt burden that will pose a threat to our nation's long-term economic health.

Both sides must be involved in the debate so that a truly bipartisan deal can be met. We need a deficit-reduction plan and we need it fast. As a member of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, I know that the only way we can ensure a healthy fiscal future for our nation is by working together to come up with a viable plan to address our national debt.

York County Commissioner
York, Pa.

The writer, a Republican, is a steering committee member of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Campaign to Fix the Debt.


First Published October 11, 2013 8:00 PM


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