GOP confusion

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The Republican leadership lives in a confused state of mind in which the founding of our nation was a great event but our government is a terrible thing that must be weakened or even destroyed. But our nation's founding and continuation are rooted in our Constitution, which describes the government and can only be protected by this same government. In other words, in the absence of the federal government, we would have no Constitution and no nation.

Now we have reached the point where congressional Republicans have taken their idea of the government as the enemy to its logical extreme. At the very time that working people need the most help from their government, Republicans in Congress have halted most functions of this government and seem prepared to destroy it altogether. They are doing this to achieve goals that they seem unable to state. They are either very confused, or they are pursuing destruction for its own sake.

We the people, who ultimately are the government, can't let this madness continue. Now is the time for us to contact our representatives to tell them to stop the destructive behavior immediately.



First Published October 10, 2013 8:00 PM


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