Bus rider pushback

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Like thousands of other people who work Downtown, I use Port Authority transportation to go to my job; I have done so for the last 29 years. Some years back -- the last time a plan was floated to marginalize commuters by pushing bus routes to the edge of town -- you published my letter to the editor in which I noted my surprise over the fact that Downtown business owners don't seem to comprehend that it is people like me who keep them in business.

So this time I'll say it more strongly. Go ahead, business owners, put your weight behind a plan to push the bus riders out. But see if I spend a dime of the money I earn working Downtown in your Downtown stores. There are drugstores and department stores and specialty retailers in the suburbs, and I can bring my lunch from home. I'll pass on the Market Square farmers market and the Christmas market, too. If you don't think you need me, why should I act like I need you?

Forest Hills


First Published October 8, 2013 8:00 PM


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