Inept Congress

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More than 8,790 -- that's the number of new reported gun deaths in America since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary last December. Countless more have succumbed to gun-inflicted suicide.

In the Middle East a warlord gases women and children as we hem and haw; the international community reinforces its ineptitude.

As a long-sought national health care plan was implemented, roughly 45 million Americans were without insurance; some in Congress would say that this is not their problem.

More than 11 million people live in the country illegally. Though Congress has claimed to welcome these future Americans into our country, few have acted in such a manner.

For more than four decades the wealthy have become more so, the poorer further disenfranchised, the middle class weakened and stretched and overburdened. The national unemployment stubbornly sits at 7.4 percent.

And yet, in our Congress -- our Congress -- where extortion is the name of the game and compromise is a four-letter word, not one of these issues is being debated.

Do you know what is? Whether we should default on our debt obligations in order to undo the mighty scourge of Obamacare. Congress has proved capable of one thing only -- of using the most words to get the least amount of work done for our country.

Michael McCune


First Published October 7, 2013 8:00 PM


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