Gay marriage has no impact on survival of the species

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Nice try, Walt Weaver ("Aristotle Made the Same Point," Oct. 2 letters). It's not every day that Aristotle is dragged out of his multi-millennial slumber and commanded into service against gay marriage. But whatever the ancient philosopher's thinking is on primary ends (which I don't think flies in this case anyway), you are still left with this more relevant logic (and, I would contend, higher morality): If you were gay, you'd almost certainly be in favor of gay marriage.

If you accept that premise, then opposition to gay marriage looks more like lack of empathy than reasoned thought.

But if there is a reasoned thought to be valued above others in this debate, it's this: A gay couple's marriage in no way endangers a straight married couple's ability to have children.

Argue all you want that gay marriage is antithetical to your religion. Fine. That's the realm of opinion. When it comes to fact, let's keep this one at the top of the list: The impact of gay marriage on survival of the species is zero.

Putting our feet into others' sandals should be our biggest moral imperative -- says this man who admittedly has failed to do so all too often.

Patrick Ponticel


First Published October 7, 2013 8:00 PM


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