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Everyone, including the Post-Gazette, needs to start calling Obamacare by what it really is: The Affordable Care Act. A recent PG cartoon zeroes in on why. People don't seem to like "Obamacare," but when it is called by its proper title, there is an entirely different outcome.

I would also like to comment on the GOP position. The Affordable Care Act has cleared the U.S. Supreme Court and the vote of the electorate in the re-election of Barack Obama, and their hard-line stand that has put this country in an inexcusable financial chokehold is truly disheartening and fearsome. They need to do what the country has elected them to do, and that does not include playing spoiled child who wants to take all his toys away because he doesn't get his way.

The country needs more adult, responsible people in Congress. We need to remember this at the next election.




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