Tea Party reps' waste

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All politics are local. The current standoff in Congress is proof. Each House member's current position is tied, not to their personal beliefs about what is best for America, but to what is best for their own re-election prospects in their own districts.

The Republican Party in Pennsylvania successfully redistricted the state into congressional districts that are safe for Republicans. As a result, the members representing those districts have no incentive to act responsibly but are conversely incentivized to be radical. Their only motivation is to appease their constituency, regardless of how extreme that position may be. The current batch of Tea Party Republicans, our own congressman Keith Rothfus included, fear a primary challenge from the right and, consequently, must position themselves as far to the right as possible. This is Mr. Rothfus' reasoning for wasting federal resources voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act 42 times and his willingness to allow a government shutdown.

Contact U.S. Rep. Rothfus at 202-225-2065 and let him know the Tea Party votes are not the only votes he should be concerned with.




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