In the Dems' court

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After listening to Republicans explain themselves on the Sunday morning talk shows and watching the vote on the continuing resolution play out, I have come to the conclusion that the president and the Senate Democrats are the obstructionists. Those so-called extreme right-wingers who are holding the government hostage number 219 Republicans and actually include nine Democrats who voted for a resolution that asks for only a one-year delay of the individual mandate that corporations got and contained language requiring Congress members and their aides to live under the same Obamacare that they voted for us without the special taxpayer subsidies of 75 percent of their premiums.

The House stayed in session until late Saturday night to come up with this compromise (which incidentally does not defund Obamacare), and what was the Senate's response? Wait until Monday at 2 p.m. to return to session. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama golfed.

After the third compromise vote by the House to avert a government shutdown, our president and Harry Reid simply said the equivalent of nyet. The ball is in Mr. Obama's court, but he only wants to golf.

New Kensington



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