The anti-patriots

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If I ever heard of a Republican doing anything for the people of this country instead of just getting themselves in office and keeping wealthy the upper 10 percent that pays to keep them in office, I might be inclined to vote for one. The Tea Party Republicans like to be thought of as patriots, but a patriot would do what is best for the majority of Americans, not just themselves. I still haven't figured out what Sarah Palin and her "soccer moms" are good for. Does that make them somehow better or more knowledgeable than the rest of us?

While President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama have tried to see that all Americans get affordable health care, the Republicans focus on getting rid of any Democrat in office, even if they have to shut down the government to do it. Since globalization, having our health care insurance tied to our jobs has become antiquated. If you don't have a job or the insurance is too expensive for a business to pay ... well surely even a Republican can do the math. They love the antiquated methods. Globalization has brought back the 19th century, where low-paid workers (even children) can only dream about health care. I wonder what will happen when those workers form unions. Well, that's another story.

Right now the Tea Party has to focus on doing away with Democrats and democracy so that they can become the new Republican royalty!




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