Petulant president

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For the moment, can we put aside partisanship and just look at the current situation? The government is at a stalemate -- it is shut down and not even discussing the issues. The time has come to drop the blame game and name calling and govern the nation.

It is time to sit down and talk about our real issues. Yes, the one party won the last election. But now is the time to realize they govern the entire nation, of which a large percent hold different views on spending and debt. We are a democracy and it is time to talk, to confer, to negotiate, to make trade-offs to assure the sizable minority that this is still a democracy of the people, by the people and for the people -- not of, by or for the politicians and their special interest groups. The day may and probably will come when today's minority becomes a majority and be in a position to be more concerned with revenge than governance.

The Obamacare law has been twisted and turned with exceptions and exemptions and changes for various groups. How was this accomplished? Was there debate? Were there votes? Or were they done by magic fiat? Is it still the same law that was passed for all the people? Would it be fair to make reasonable changes?

Now we are at loggerheads. The Senate and the House are not talking. So where is the leadership supposed to come from? Perhaps from where it has always come: the presidency. A leader who says, "I will not negotiate" is not a leader but a petulant person. What leader insults and demeans his opposition -- the loyal opposition -- more than 40 percent of his constituency? How does that help clear the air?

Upper St. Clair



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