House Republicans govern in a childish way

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Like many Americans, I was mesmerized by the antics of John Boehner and the House Republicans, which have led to a government shutdown. My attention was not, however, driven by a fear of the consequences. I was riveted to the television by the sheer idiocy of their words and actions, none of which have a thing to do with anything but kowtowing to the extreme right wing so Mr. Boehner can maintain his grip on power.

This might be funny if the game being played were part of a student council experiment gone seriously wrong. But it isn't. This is the real deal, with scary consequences for the country and every American.

Thus, I have one question for U.S. Reps. Tim Murphy and Keith Rothfus, Allegheny County's own craven members of this gang. What's next if you don't get your way? A food fight?

In my mind, you are living the good life off of taxpayer dollars. I can only hope that the people who supported you in your last election recognize it and, in spite of the serious gerrymandering that has been done to protect you, let you know their feelings loudly and clearly the next time your names show up on a ballot.




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