Disgraceful attacks

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I fully understood that by setting the record straight for our faculty and staff following Daniel Kovalik's opinion piece ("Death of an Adjunct," Sept. 18 Perspectives) that I would immediately become the target of his collaborators in their transparently orchestrated social media blitz. One only need take a quick look at Mr. Kovalik's Twitter account to view his followers celebrating the latest social media attack aimed at Duquesne University. The viciousness and vulgarity of the attacks have been extreme, but not surprising.

However, another line was crossed last week when a picture of my children, taken from my Facebook page, was posted on a website in regard to the adjunct issue. My professional profile photo is publicly available on the Internet, and yet a picture of my children was chosen for this purpose. First Mr. Kovalik's opinion piece publicly exploits the death of a woman, and then my children are made targets for attacks by his collaborators. This is simply disgraceful.

Vice President for University Advancement
Duquesne University



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