Too many buses

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Cate Reed's Sept. 19 letter to the PG regarding the excessive Port Authority bus traffic from the 75 Shadyside struck a nerve, even though we live across town in Scott. We're on Orchard Spring Road, a quiet residential road that connects to Green Tree Road, and therein lies the problem. A total of 60 Port Authority buses run on our road each workday. Sixty. That's not an exaggeration; that's straight off the Port Authority bus schedule.

Like the Shadyside 75 bus in Ms. Reed's letter, most of the buses here have anywhere from zero to two or three passengers aboard. Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. buses are traveling our residential neighborhood. On weekends we have a total of 26 buses, mainly empty once again.

I am well aware of the necessity for public mass transportation, but the Port Authority bus traffic on our road is unnecessary, excessive, dangerous to children and pedestrians (this is a favorite walking route) and fiscally irresponsible. Let's get the buses back onto Greentree Road.




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