Weak Corbettcare

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Last week, Gov. Tom Corbett called a press conference and wrangled reporters to announce what his administration billed as a new major health policy initiative. He promised a comprehensive plan to control costs and expand coverage in health care. So what was the plan? A weak half-measure, created to appease the Tea Party, that will raise costs for Pennsylvanians.

While little was revealed about the actual plan (or lack thereof), we do know that Corbettcare also aims to install requirements for Medicaid eligibility that were called "unlawful" by the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University.

So how does this accomplish its goal of improving care for Pennsylvanians? It doesn't.

Instead of proposing a common-sense Medicaid expansion plan to provide health insurance to 500,000 more Pennsylvanians, Tom Corbett bowed to the Tea Party and presented a plan that will reduce benefits, create obstacles and increase costs for Pennsylvanians.

Tom Corbett needs to stop pandering to the Tea Party and expand Medicaid now.


The writer is chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.



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