Bargain, Duquesne

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When I read the Sept. 19 responses to Daniel Kovalik's commentary ("Death of an Adjunct," Sept. 18), the song, "There will be pie in the sky when you die," rambled through my head. This is the real world where retirees earned dignity, a pension and health care. This is the real world where adjunct professors earn the food on their table and roof over their head. Neither letter writer challenged Mr. Kovalik's statements of fact.

Also neither writer mentions or comments on the savage inequality of paying Duquesne University's president $700,000 per year and one of its French professors $25,000 per year.

Our region re-invented itself on the strength of "meds and ed"; did it also rise from the ashes of the 1980s on the backs of Margaret Mary Vojtko and thousands like her from Point Park to Pitt to CCAC?

Using the right to organize and bargain collectively for a decent standard of living and justice at work is not an "alternative agenda"; it is center stage to survive.

Duquesne University would honor the life and legacy of Margaret Mary Vojtko by firing parasitical anti-union lawyers, sitting down with the representatives of the adjunct professors and bargaining in holy faith.


The writer is a Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) executive board member for District 10, Pennsylvania.



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