People should pay for the content the PG provides

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I know you will be receiving lots of moaning about charging for digital content over the next few weeks. I apologize that you have to hear that.

You see, I believe in local newspapers a whole heck of a lot.

Local newspapers give insight into daily news that's personal. It is the news as it is experienced from a real person who is accountable for what he or she writes, not a news outlet that mass produces content that is filtered through a corporate lens. Local newspapers generally have our region's best interests at heart, not solely the bottom line.

I buy the newspaper because I believe in local journalism. I have been a subscriber to the Pittsburgh Press or Post-Gazette since I was a graduate student with less than the proverbial two nickels to rub together. I continued to subscribe even when I knew I could get the same content for free online. I do this not because I'm wealthy; I do this because I believe in journalism and the enlightening, compelling, world-encompassing work you do.

We all give money to things we depend on and believe in -- we pay for our water, we pay for electricity and gas, we support our congregations and schools and fire departments. We do depend on our newspapers ... to investigate, elucidate, highlight and inform -- so we need to give our money to support this other institution we depend on and believe in.

So yay! Require us to support you for the wonderful work you do. It is a small price to pay for all that we receive.

Keep up the good work.




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