Liquor control

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I live in the Greater Pittsburgh area and I do not think privatization of the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits stores is good for business. Many politicians want to do away with state stores; they want a single infusion of funding this year, but what about next year? Also more private stores in our communities without the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's supervision could let more alcohol get into minors' hands.

People think that the prices would be cheaper, but private stores can do what they want. Also, all politicians talk about jobs, needing more jobs; what about the thousands of employees of the PLCB?

Remember, alcohol is a drug. Let's keep it in the hands of the PLCB. Private stores will have more freedom to do what they want. I don't want to read about a car of kids crashed with booze they got at Jr.'s Booze & Cigarettes because they could.

The writer is a retired PLCB clerk.



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