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I am appreciative of the collegial discussion between Rabbi Aaron Bisno and Bishop David A. Zubik on the difficult subject of same-gender marriage ("When Two Become One," Sept. 15 Forum). I agree with Rabbi Bisno that the "patchwork quilt" of national laws regulating marriage needs to be corrected so as to allow full recognition of same-gender married couples.

Bishop Zubik insisted that marriage should not be defined in the context of individuals, but always in terms of two people in a loving relationship. Unfortunately, he was quick to assume that such relationships are fundamentally defined by the ability to procreate. Yet there are married couples who are loving and faithful and yet cannot have children. There are married couples whose adopted or foster children are loved with all their hearts. There are married couples who parent in households of blended families or multigenerational families. Every one of these examples could be rephrased replacing the words "married couples" with the phrase "same-gender couple" and the same loving reality would still exist.

Same-gender marriage is about two people creating a home and family. Such marriages sometimes include children, always involve relatives and ideally profess commitments that span years of sickness and health, joy and sorrow, plenty and want. It is time for people of faith to come together with a vision of family that is as just and inclusive as God's own conception already is.

Senior Pastor
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
East Liberty



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