Hardly indifference

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Regarding "When Two Become One" (Sept. 15 Forum): Bishop David A. Zubik's assertion that gay marriage gauges how far we've come in our indifference to the institution of marriage hinges on the ability or the potential of married couples to procreate. Additionally, he states, "When we separate ... the selfless love of wife and husband from the creation of life, then marriage just doesn't mean that much anymore."

Meanwhile, the very underpinning of the national movement toward the acceptance of gay marriage has been, not indifference, but attention paid to the importance of marriage as critical to the individuals involved, to society and as a unit within which to rear a family whether biological, adopted or otherwise.

The church would never seek to dismiss the union of a heterosexual childless couple or one who married beyond childbearing years as one that "just doesn't mean that much anymore." Yet this argument is used against gay couples. The church cannot get past the fact that gay couples cannot procreate, ignoring that they can still parent and commit to enduring, fruitful relationships.

The church is walking a tightrope, balancing the value of the individual vis-a-vis sexual orientation and the "sacredness" of procreative sex within marriage. One cannot profess to value the gay individual while simultaneously dismissing his or her union as less than a heterosexual one. The sooner the church owns up to this and stops trying to balance angels on the head of a pin with rhetoric, the quicker we can move the world away from this contribution to destructive homophobia.




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