Bishop Zubik should reorder his priorities

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The view expressed by Bishop David A. Zubik in his Sept. 15 piece ("When Two Become One," Forum) represents exactly why I have given up on the Catholic Church, despite having attended Catholic schools and having the utmost respect for the priests, nuns and teachers with whom I was associated.

Regardless of Bishop Zubik's beliefs and personal interpretation of the Bible, I only wish he would use his position of power and authority to write of the good deeds done by the Catholic Church and its membership. Or maybe use the media to rally against injustice or travesties present in our world. I would think that we live in a nearly perfect world, and nearly perfect city, if the biggest issue that the bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh has to be concerned with is gay marriage. Even Pope Francis seems to want to move on to more pressing issues.

If the bishop wants to continue to run campaigns "against" things, maybe he should work on prohibiting divorce, since it seems to cheapen the divinity of marriage.

The bottom line: The Catholic Church has no right or standing to dictate the marriage policy in our country. Not everyone is Catholic or should have to adapt to the beliefs of the church hierarchy. It is the Catholic Church, not the Catholic government. If, as a church and private institution, it chooses not to perform same-sex marriages, fine by me. But the church does not have the right to dictate government policy.

Whether the bishop personally, the Catholic Church or society in general sanctions my marriage or not, I still have "pictures on the wall of the generations." I have a loving, supportive family and children who lead moral, good, fulfilling lives. Whether they are gay or straight, get married or not, have children or don't have children, I hope they will have hope for a bright future that doesn't rely on looking to the past for a perfect world that never existed anyway.




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