Regarding Syria, diplomacy is the right response

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Even with the diplomatic efforts underway, one must wonder what the president is thinking when he calls for military intervention in the civil and regional war in Syria. Any military action by the United States in this conflict will only serve to create further chaos and suffering.

Americans are skeptical about our involvement and rightfully so. They don't see Syria as an enemy and, clearly, Syria doesn't pose a national security threat to us. There is, after all, no available evidence as to who is responsible for the heinous use of chemical gas. We are war weary. On top of the trillion dollars already spent on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the president now proposes launching million-dollar Tomahawk Cruise missles into Syria. For what purpose? What's the end game? And who benefits?

The president, I guess, will save face over his misguided "red line" remarks. The arms merchants, for sure, will benefit, as well as those in and out of the region who seek to use Syria as a battleground for their grievances against Iran. And what about al-Qaida and its ilk? Wouldn't they be strengthened by any weakening of the Syrian government?

It's not our role to be the world's policeman. Now more than ever, some artful diplomacy is necessary to find a political solution and, thereby, avoid complete disaster in Syria.

New Castle



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