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The under-the-bridge spaces at the Ninth Street HOV lane on-off ramp used to provide some measure of shelter for Pittsburgh's homeless population. They have now been fenced off, and I fail to understand the reason for or benefit of doing so. Seeing the homeless people there did not offend me, but seeing the fence does; the latter is an eyesore.

What value do these spaces have (to anybody) now that they've been fenced off? It's not as if the city of Pittsburgh or state of Pennsylvania is replacing these homeless encampments with flora or artistic statuary. Fences protect property, but the only thing these fences seem to be protecting is Pittsburgh -- from the exposure of its evident inability to care for its poor.

Rather than hide Pittsburgh's shameful regard for the poor, though, these fences now serve as a Dickensian reminder of its lack of empathy for them.




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