UPMC's millionaires allow others to struggle

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Regarding UPMC senior vice president Greg Peaslee's letter "UPMC Provides Superior Benefits to Employees" (Sept. 4):

Any Pittsburgh-based corporation that can pay 26 employees $1 million or more per year can afford to lift all its full-time workers out of poverty.

I am shocked to learn that UPMC has the third-highest number of full-time employees in Pennsylvania on Medicaid ("Group Says UPMC Wage Scale Is Harmful," Aug. 22). How does a health care corporation that pays some so lavishly justify that?

This is especially shocking because UPMC has been granted "nonprofit" status -- meaning that other taxpayers will pick up the tab for UPMC's use of our roads, police, fire protection, communications infrastructure and, apparently, health care for some.

A nonprofit corporation that ignores that ugly reality has leadership with Wall Street "for-profit" values. Clearly, UPMC's employees -- not the 26 members of the million-dollar club -- need a union and our government needs to re-examine UPMC's privileged status.

Mt. Lebanon



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