Let's stop lies about Obamacare, which works

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Recently, the Heritage Foundation held a "town hall meeting" in Pittsburgh. I was one of eight there with a small sign that simply said "LIE" because if I heard a lie, I intended to hold it up. My intention was not to disrupt or make any kind of scene. I simply wanted to let the group know that they were being given misinformation ("Obamacare Battle Scenes," Early Returns, Aug. 29). We all need to make decisions about health care in the future and we should make those decisions based on accurate information.

The truth is that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is already helping people. I have a great-niece who was born with cystic fibrosis and several other problems. She needed a monitor to keep her from dying in her sleep and her insurance company denied it. She stopped breathing twice and still the insurance company denied it. Her doctor sent a letter to no avail. She did not receive the monitor until Obamacare was implemented. If not for Obamacare, she would already be dead because even though she is only 3 years old, she would have already reached the lifetime cap set on her insurance policy.

Groups like Heritage have a lot of money to spread lies, but the truth always prevails. Obamacare works; it's already saving lives and it will save many more when it's fully in place.

New Castle



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