Defund Obamacare

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You may dislike the Republicans, you may even hate them. However, it is time to agree with them on this: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act needs to be defunded, reworked or scrapped altogether.

It's time to stop and rework this law when the news is:

• Corporations like UPS can use Obamacare as a reason to drop family coverage.

• Members of Congress and their aides, who will be participants in the insurances exchanges, have complained that their coverage won't be as good.

• Unions say it is causing them to lose benefits and jobs.

• McDonald's workers are protesting in the streets because their hours are cut to drop them below the 30-hour rule.

• Older citizens are being told their premiums will rise.

• Even the president has pushed back part of the law because it was overly burdensome.

It is not an embarrassment to say we rushed the process and it is half-baked and we need another go at it. It is an embarrassment to continue to throw good money after bad and throw a lot of citizens' lives into upheaval (or under the bus) with higher costs, less access and more confusion than even the UPMC and Highmark battle can cause.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not protecting patients, it is not affordable and (as a bonus) it doesn't seem all that caring. The only possible reason politicians want it to move forward is political.

Forget the politics. Stop this law now and start fresh. Mistakes have been made. Let's learn from them rather than live (and die) with them.




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