Negatively amazed

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PG columnist Ruth Ann Dailey will never cease to amaze me. But the fact that the Post-Gazette is the publisher of her hate-filled columns does amaze me ("What a White Person Can Say: Let's Try Liberty," Aug. 26).

Here, she's using the black community to spread her hate for the liberal Democratic Party -- the black community that she said she lives among but apparently is afraid to verbally communicate with.

She refers to the Trayvon Martin case and other black-and-white crimes that seem to dominate our news today. But she would rather ignore reason, the history of racial discrimination and race relations in America and abused laws like "stand your ground," and just blame it all on the Obama presidency.

She refers to a message about the George Zimmerman verdict ("White supremacy acquitted Zimmerman") on a wall in her neighborhood -- and links it to the Occupy Wall Street protesters? And then she says they needed a bath! She also has the nerve to tell voters in her community whom they should vote for.

She uses Clarence Thomas as an example of a high-tech lynching by, in her words, the "socialist" Democrats. Is she referring to the Senate's Thomas-Hill hearings, where a well-respected, highly educated woman, Anita Hill, publicly accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment?

Let's remember that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently voted to repeal key parts of the Voting Rights Act. That will lead to voter suppression in states like North Carolina and, yes, even Pennsylvania.




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