Issue One: Confederate flags

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An ugly symbol

I was heartened to read the three follow-up letters to Bill Marx's letter about displays of the Confederate flag ("Confederate Flag Wavers Here Proudly Display Their Ignorance," Aug. 22). I have never forgotten -- nor can I -- driving my two young sons to school on April 5, 1968, and passing a house in Wexford with that flag flying high the day after the assassination of Martin Luther King.


It's un-American

I am writing to express my support for what Bill Marx wrote about Confederate flag wavers. Racism and ignorance go hand in hand. My hope for those un-American flag wavers is that they find another land to live in because they don't deserve to live in this one.


Flag wavers fed up

Sad -- the rant by Bill Marx (Aug. 22) condemning those displaying the Confederate flag. Mr. Marx served in the military, and we thank him for his service, but neither that nor being a "certified history teacher" gives him the right to condemn others for their expressions or pass judgment on their motives.

"Treason?" Wasn't that the word King George used to condemn the signers of our Declaration of Independence, trying to force people to live under a government they did not believe represented their interests in 1776, just as Southerners in 1860 no longer felt government in Washington represented theirs? Did not the Southern colonies, which included slave owners George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, freely join the Union? By what legal right were they forced to continue under a government they no longer accepted?

Blue-coated soldiers invaded their states, burned their homes, destroyed their crops and livestock, and shot and killed them. Did this might make right?

While no one would condone slavery, that institution would have died anyway. As a result of Mr. Lincoln's War, we have a gigantic federal government that dominates our lives from speed limits to drinking ages; it's now ramming through health care we don't want, foisting false wars to feed the insatiable war machine driving this country and spying on us in every conceivable way.

These "rednecks" may be considered a last bastion of scoundrels, but perhaps they are saying their ancestors fought for, built and paid for this nation, and they are tired of seeing Big Federal Government give it away.

Squirrel Hill



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