Politically obsessed

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An SUV caught my eye the other day. It was plastered with anti-Democrat bumper stickers. The whole back hatchback was covered! Who does this? Don't these folks know they look crazy?

I understand passion for your political views. But passion taken to these extremes elevates passion to obsession.

Barack Obama isn't their president, so I have to allow them to attack him because they feel we liberals attacked their president? Ah, they are/were both my president. I may not have agreed with George W. Bush much but he was my president.

You have to wonder about anyone with that many bumper stickers spewing hate. How do they go to work without causing a scene in the parking lot every day? Your employer wants you to work, not have political debates to the point of inciting workplace fights.

I guess when I hear Republicans threatening another shutdown because of Obamacare, GOP senators openly suggesting Mr. Obama be impeached and right-wing talk radio telling every tall tale there is to suggest voter fraud is rampant, I shouldn't be surprised.

All this craziness helps Democrats, so I'm conflicted. I want everyone to actually work together, even though I think the Tea Party wing of the GOP is nuts.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could debate without having to demonize the other side?

Baldwin Borough



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