Playing the race card

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In a most public manner, Allegheny County Councilwoman Amanda Green Hawkins has charged Rivers Casino with racism for declining to host an event that focuses on a demographic that is primarily under the age of 21, declining to host events that are overbooked and represent a safety violation if permitted, and discontinuing events that were not well attended ("Rivers Casino Counters Racism Charges," Aug. 22). Ms. Green Hawkins also demanded a meeting with casino officials to discuss her concerns, again in a most public manner.

Real issues of racism must be exposed for what they are -- insidious. However, to play the race card merely to garner publicity for one's own benefit and self-interest is sad and shameful. Has Ms. Green Hawkins learned nothing from "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"?

She should save her charges of racism for instances where there is evidence to support her claims. To do otherwise desensitizes the public to real instances of racism and is therefore a disservice to us all. Please, Ms. Green Hawkins, stop playing politics with such an important social issue.

Pleasant Hills



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