We must make children a tax policy priority

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Kathy L. Pape ("Pennsylvania Needs Comprehensive Tax Reform," Aug. 19 Perspectives) rightly urges progress on federal tax reform. But the debate can't just be about businesses -- it must also be about children.

Pennsylvania kids have a lot at stake. Together, just three federal tax provisions -- the dependent exemption, the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit -- account for the biggest federal investment in America's children. By helping parents meet kids' basic needs, they lift millions of children out of poverty every year. With 85,000 more Pennsylvania kids living in poverty, we can't waste the opportunity tax reform provides to strengthen these protections and build even more effective defenses against child poverty.

But that will only happen if Pennsylvania's congressional delegation sends a clear message to both parties that tax reform must be a win for children. With their leadership, we can build a tax code that invests in kids and makes real gains on child poverty.

First Focus Campaign for Children
Washington, D.C.



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