The health care act has brought financial peace

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I am a business owner and a woman who has battled chronic progressive multiple sclerosis since diagnosed in 1988. I went through many, many financially difficult years prior to and after my diagnosis during a period when I didn't have health care insurance.

Our family was affected by the downfall of the steel industry in the 1980s. We went from having terrific health care benefits with no worries to loss of all benefits with the closing of the steel mill.

Five years of doctors, hospital stays and medical tests with no health insurance left us financially drained. Finally, in the 1990s my husband found employment which offered health insurance coverage at a cost. Unfortunately, I was not eligible for coverage for anything that was MS-related (pretty much everything under the health care standards). Simply put, I was not covered because I had a pre-existing illness. This continued on for five years with more mounting medical bills -- rendering us totally bankrupt.

Today, as always, I continue to work full time and have my own business. Now, because of the Affordable Care Act, I am fortunate to be able to buy health insurance. Although the premiums have become outrageously high in cost, I am thankful we can afford to pay for it.

It is my belief that everyone deserves "affordable care." We are America, and we must take care of our own!

Please support the Affordable Care Act. For many like myself, it is the only thing between financial peace of mind and financial disaster.




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