Bankrupt empire

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We see daily revelations about how government has been illegally monitoring electronic communications, breaking its own laws with impunity and transforming itself into the most powerful police state in history. Despite this unparalleled danger, there has been a muted response from Congress. Only a handful sounds the alarm and they are ridiculed with "wacko bird" name-calling by colleagues.

Even the media has been subdued. Its reporters are monitored -- a clear threat -- for investigating an increasingly opaque, unaccountable and extremist government. Yet most media organizations surrender and substitute First Amendment freedoms for government-approved talking points.

Why? The simplest explanation is blackmail.

This bankrupt empire monitors politicians, bureaucrats and media leaders to find key compromised individuals who can be blackmailed or manipulated to help it maintain power and control. This makes more sense than any explanation that includes "terrorists hate us for our freedom."

So remember those politicians, bureaucrats and media leaders who stand in full view of this metastasizing empire and respond with inaction, empty rhetoric or lies. They are just as corrupt as their criminal masters and should never again be trusted.




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