A carbon tax is a good way to fight climate change

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Recent experience and current science show that industrial society has warmed the planet and is seriously altering the climate. It is past time for our government to act.

The most sensible option for us is to create a revenue-neutral carbon tax that would put money in citizens' pocketbooks. The tax should be levied at the first point of sale into the economy -- not on you and me. If legislators do the right thing, then taxpayers should receive the money to help with rising energy costs including incentivizing energy conservation.

Some might think this is another plot for government control. Nothing could be further from the truth. No government growth beyond monitoring the program. Not one speck of new Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

George Shultz, who worked for President Reagan, has embraced a revenue-neutral carbon tax because it provides sensible action on an important issue and doesn't provide new subsidies. Let the market work realistically.

A carbon tax is a sensible way to reduce greenhouse gases and threats from climate change, conserve our land, water and air, and keep the government regulation at bay.




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