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I would like to comment on the article "Judge Suspends Voter ID Law Until Court Makes Decision" (Aug. 17). What the Republican sponsors of this bill are attempting to do is equally sinister to the shameless act of voter suppression that they have passed: They want to cast doubt on the entire electoral process.

By doing so they can mount a legal challenge to the next election, even if the winner is clear. Their claim would be that certain precincts did not require voters to show their IDs. The case would ultimately go to a Republican Supreme Court, which would hand the election to them as it did in the 2000 presidential election.

It is becoming clear even to them that they no longer represent what the majority of the nation wants. Even their extensive gerrymandering cannot protect their power indefinitely. They are like little children who have lost a game with their siblings and, though it is obvious that they are lost, run to their parents yelling "no fair!"




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