Why does the GOP fear health law education?

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Regarding "$67 Million to Help Educate Public on New Health Law" (Aug. 16): It was particularly dismaying, but not surprising, to read about U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy's criticism of some of the planned educational efforts related to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The Republican Party in general has engaged in an extensive and well-funded campaign to spread misinformation, if not outright lies, about this program.

I wonder if they oppose education about this act because they fear that their attempted deception of the public regarding the significant advantages of this act will be exposed when people learn more about it. While an effort of this magnitude is bound to have some initial startup issues, wouldn't a more reasonable approach be to work to fix the problems rather than thwart the "greater good" that is inherent in the ACA?

Rep. Murphy, as well as others, fails to mention, among other things, that similar types of health care insurance are working successfully in other states and, for the first time, would prevent large numbers of people from being driven into poverty because of the lack of health insurance.

Mt. Lebanon



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