Cyclists and walkers

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I read the Aug. 9 letter "Cyclists, Please Show Courtesy to Trail Walkers." I have been a victim of discourteous cyclists, so I know how much it can hurt. Cyclists need to learn to stop or slow down for people walking on a trail that the cyclists are riding on. There are numerous accounts of pedestrians being struck by cyclists while the pedestrian is just simply outside walking.

I have been hit on multiple occasions by people on bikes who just will not slow down. A good example is one time while I was outside just taking a simple walk. It was a long walkway and no one was on it except for me and a couple of people on bikes. Most of them were going around me, except for one guy who was riding toward me, and he did not slow down and just hit me. It hurt and the guy never apologized.

I am not the only one to have something like this happen. People have told me similar stories of being hit by cyclists. This has to stop somehow. Walkers can get injured from an accident like this -- from something as simple as some minor bruises to actually getting a broken bone. It has happened before, and cyclists need to be aware of this so that people will no longer get hurt.

New Brighton



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